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Following the long tradition in steam boiler development and production, we offer our customers a wide range of industrial hot water and warm water boilers and entire boiler plants.
The wide product range of TPK Orometal d.d. carries along some specific technological procedures, and therefore some technological procedures are offered on the market as services.

We can offer you:

Production capacities of our company:

Machinery services

Shot blasting of

plates, tubes, profiles, steel structures

working dimensions of the continuous flow shot blast machine:
12,000 x 2,500 x 600 mm (DxŠxV)

Cutting plate on a CNC cutter

plasma and gas cutting

working dimensions: 12,000 x 2,500 mm (DxS)

cutting thickness: plasma up to 40 mm, gas up to 200 mm

Plate bending


working dimensions of the bender: width 3,000 mm, diameter from Ø700 to Ø5,000 mm

plate thickness related to diameter, cylinder width as well as steel quality: (e.g. Ø700 x 2,500 x 38 mm- steel 30 kg/mm2 or Ø2700 x 2500 x 50 mm- steel 30 kg/mm2)

Manufacturing heads


Shallow DIN 28011

dimensions: from Ø500 to Ø3,000 mm, thickness from 4 to 14 mm
manufacturing materials: carbon steels and stainless steels

The shape and dimensions of the shallow head as well as the permitted tolerances are determined by DIN 28011 standard.

dimensions: from Ø500 to Ø2,200 mm, thickness from 4 to 14 mm
manufacturing materials:carbon steels and stainless steels

Deep DIN 28013

dimensions: from Ø500 to Ø2,000 mm, thickness from 4 to 14 mm manufacturing materials: carbon steels and stainless steels

The shape and dimensions of deep heads as well as the permissible deviations are determined by DIN 28013 standard.



working dimensions:
up to Ø4,000 mm in diameter
up to 1,500 mm high
workpiece weight up to 7,000 kg

CNC Milling Machine

working dimensions:
length up to 2,500 mm
width up to 1,200 mm
height up to 600 mm
workpiece weight up to 1,800 kg

Heat treatment

stationed furnace with electric heating and a record of operating mode (temperature)
working dimensions:
2,800 x 2,800 x 2,000 mm (DxŠxV)
workpiece weight up to 5,000 kg

Making corrugated flame tubes

The corrugated flame tube is the most heat-charged part of the boiler and, as such, crucial for the long-term and reliable operation of the boiler. In addition, an optimally designed and well-made corrugated flame tube is the guarantor of the lowest emissions of harmful particles into the atmosphere.
Production from steel plate quality P265GH, P295GH and P355GH
The production of corrugated flame tubes is certified and approved by the TÜV and meets all requirements of EN 12953 and PED 2014/68/EU regulations.

diameter up to Ø1,800 mm
up to 6,000 mm in length (it is possible to produce longer, but then it is derived from two parts)
up to 22 mm thick

we produce two types of corrugated flame tubes:
wave type 151/50 mm
wave type 200/75 mm

Fieldwork services

Repair of hot water, warm water, and steam flue boilers.


We can perform the following:
replacement of smoke tubes
manufacture and replacement of flame tubes
manufacture and replacement of tube sheets or segments of tube sheets
manufacture and replacement of a wet back or a screen tube chamber (dry back)

Installations of complete boiler plants according to the “Turnkey system”

exclusively self-made boilers

Repair (service) of heat exchangers

Manufacture and replacement of worn-out equipment inside boiler plants

We can conduct the manufacture and replacement of the following equipment:
thermal degasser
feed tanks
water and steam dividers
condensate tanks
other energy process equipment

Technological capabilities

Production halls

TPK OROMETAL has 40000 m2 of closed production halls equipped with all necessary machines and appliances for efficient and high-quality production of boilers and pressure equipment. In addition, we have 720 m2 of office space for the management, development, and commercial activities of the company.

In our production halls we can process individual products of the following dimensions:
up to 5000 mm in diameter
up to 40,000 mm in length
up to 100 tons of weight