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Founded in 1957, our company has accumulated valuable experience in the production of steam boilers, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers over many years. We have also constantly invested in the development of production to provide our customers with the highest quality product.

On 3 April 1957, a workshop was established for the repair of motor vehicles and agricultural machinery called "Mehanika Oroslavje" with only 7 employees and a total income of 53,600.00 people's dinars (ND) at the time. During its operations, the company has grown from craft-and service to a manufacturing company. It specializes in the production of steam boilers, distillation plants, pressure vessels, food industry machinery, fittings, and flexible axles for all motor vehicles.

A few years later, on 1 August 1962, the name of the company was changed into "Orometal- Oroslavsko metalno poduzeće" Oroslavje, and a small workshop began the production of steam boilers and pressure vessels.

The conditions of production no longer corresponded to the product range. Operating earnings were tight, working conditions were beneath any criticism and the company was forced to enter the construction of new facilities and administrative buildings. The construction began on 10 June 1963, and the facilities were partially completed and were in use since October 1964, when the company also gradually moved. For this construction, the funds of ND 440,000.00 were not sufficient, but the collective concluded that each worker should volunteer 150 working hours, which was done. There was a total of 33,689 voluntary working hours, estimated at around ND 300,000.00.

From this period, the continuous development and improvement of TPK Orometal began, first through the construction of new and modern production halls, and later through continuous investment in personnel and equipment, thus transforming it into a modern and up-to-date manufacturer of steam boilers and other products that are part of the production program of the company.

Back in the days when TPK Orometal d.d. was part of the great SOUR TPK and when all production could easily be sold to the wide market of the former state, part of the production was always intended for export in the workshops in Oroslavje. From this period, widely known is the series of 59 steam boilers exported to Cuba and burners that used to be sold around the world from Finland to Egypt.

Organizationally from 1978 to 1989, TPK Orometal d.d. was connected with TPK from Zagreb, and after the breakup of the market of the former state, it began to act as an independent company. The desire and the decision of the leadership was to preserve the factory and production. The company TPK Orometal d.d. today operates entirely independently.