How can we help you?

It’s my pleasure to present to you our company.

Founded in 1957, our company has gained valuable experience in the production of steam boilers, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers over many years. In addition, we constantly invest in production development to provide our customers with the highest quality product.

Always looking ahead, dedicated to continuous development, and acceptance of high-tech capabilities, in the last twenty years we have managed to develop modern products that, in terms of their quality, appearance, design, and functionality, and have not fallen behind European and world manufacturers of boiler plants.

It is the steam boiler plants that are our primary production program. Equipped according to European standards and regulations, they meet even the strictest criteria and primarily provide users with reliability and safety in operation. It is not negligible to mention the ease of handling made possible by modern aids such as a personal computer or a mobile phone.

In addition to boiler plants, we produce a wide range of various pressure and non-pressure vessels and other products, while meeting all the technical and technological requirements of the Buyers.

As the basis of our success, I would like to single out our focus on manufacturing products that will fully meet the needs of the Customer. We do not ask you to adapt to our products, we will customize them for you.

To make certain of this, I invite you to get to know TPK Orometal d.d.; I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Dragutin Družinec, B.Sc. Mech. Eng