Steam boilers

TDR d.o.o.


For needs of newly build production facilities of biggest tobacco inustry in region; TVORNICA DUHANA ROVINJ, and in competition with biggest European boiler manufacturers we have won the contract for szeam boiler plant of 3 x 8 t/h and working pressure of 10 bar.
Delivery have included:

  • 3 steam boilers ORO 8 SA with economisers and full automatic control in accordance with TRD 604/72. Flue gas dampers on economiser are also fully automated and electromotor driven
  • WEISHAUPT burner with O2 and frequency regualtion plus GATEWAY modul for transfer of all burner signals to the main system proccessor.
  • double wall chimneys
  • thermical water preparation of 25 m³/h
  • steam manifolds and pressure reducing stations
  • two diesel tanks of 100 m³ with all fittings and pumps
  • control system of system is executed in a way that control and monitoring is possible from three locations: on control cabinets, then on touch screen panel located at boilers and finaly on SCADA system located in operator room.

All this is making boiler roon in TDR one of the best in Croatia.