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Colone, Primary absorber G-V6

Pressure vessel G - V6 "PRIMARY ABSORBER"  is vertical steel vessesl made of carbon steel and closed with two thorispherical heads.
Steel plates for shell and heads are 16 mm thick.
Outer diamter of vessel is 1232 mm, and lenght is 33240 mm.

Applied norms and standards:

  • ASME Section VIII, Division 1
  • ASME Section II - Materials PART A, B
  • HRN M.E2.250
  • HRN M.E2.159
  • HRN C.T3.010
  • HRN M.E2.200

Technical data:

media: oil/liquid petrol gas
working pressure: 13,7 bar
design pressure: 17,6 bar
working temperature: 38 °C
design temperature: 121 °C
test pressure: 26,4 bar
corrosion allowance: 4,75 mm
welding factor: head v = 1,0
shell v = 0,85
pressure vessel class HRN M.E2.151: II
thermal insulation: NO
refractory: YES
anticorrosion protection: YES
post weld heat treatment: YES


outer diameter: 1252 mm
lenght between TL.: 28500 mm
head shape: torispherical HRN M.E2.021
total height: 33240 mm
volume: 33,8 m3
weight, empty: 25800 kg
weight, working: 39000 kg
weight, full of water: 66100 kg