Steam boilers

Zvijezda d.d.


Fabrication, installation and commissioning of the complete steam boiler plant capacity of 16 t / h, p = 18 bar, with superheater at 320 ° C.
The contract involved the construction, mechanical and electrical works and the development of SCADA system steam boiler plant on "turnkey" principal. Civil work included a complete renovation of the existing building inside and out.
We have supplied the boiler with above mentioned characteristics with economizer and superheater palced in front smoke chamber. The boiler was equipped for complety automatic operation in accordance with TRD 604/72 directive We have also supplied thermal water treatment, chemical treatment of water based on reverse osmosis, Weishaupt burner to burn natural gas and the extra light fuel oil, steam valves, complete pipeline, chimney.
Complete electrical system with control cabinets and SCADA system was also part of the contract.