Steam boilers

Solana Pag

At the beginning of July 2013th TPK OROMETAL started operation of the steam boiler fired on wood chips in Solana Pag on the island of Pag .

This is the first plant produced , installed and put into operation by us on teritory of Croatia , and done in collaboration with partners from Slovenia with a portion of domestic production with more than 85 % . At the same time , it is the first industrial steam boiler - wood chips fired for the technological needs of production in Croatia .

Within the plant was supplied and built : screw conveyors to transport chips from chipper to daily silo ,daily silo equipment and screw conveyors to transport chips in the combustion chamber , furnace , boiler , economizer , multicyclones thermal and chemical treatment of water , the entire pipeline ,chimney , and a complete control system of the whole plant .

Furnace for burning of wood chips is mounted in front of the boiler . It is made up of steel profiles, moving grate with wheel base which are hydraulically driven , cast grids that are mounted on a movable grid , walling and fire clay for thermal insulation and protection of steel structures , primary and secondary air fans, recirculating fan , air ducts , and the automatical ash handling screws.

Steam boiler characteristics:

Max. continuous capacity
Max. short term capacity
Min. continuous capacity
Operating pressure at the outlet
bar g
Max . pressure of
bar g

The boiler is done with corrugated flame tube and two tubesflue gas passes. No surveilance equipment according EN12953 was installed.Boiler is designed to maximize energy of the flue gases and the efficiency is very high at level of 91 % . Great contribution to this gives the economizer , which further more cools the flue gases. Steam boiler and economiser are equipped with an automatic cleaning of flue gas pipes (ash blowers)

Multycyclone which function is separation of solid particles from the flue gases does the job perfectly . Emission measurements showed a level of 31 mg/m3 .

Certainly it is necessary to emphasize that complete steam plant is fully automated and does not require presence of staff during normal working hours .

The entire project was done in record time . The contract was signed with Solana Pag in December 2012. year, and the plant was put into operation 01.07.2013. In that time we have designed and produced complete equipment , made its erection , refractory of furnace, connecting pipelines , electrical connection and parameterization and commissioning .

In conclusion, we wish to highlight the fact that energy costs decreased approximately three times than the previous year when heavy fuel oil was used. Thus secured the continuation of production in Solana Pag .