Steam boilers

Jadranska pivovara d.d.


The contract for the delivery, installation and commissioning of the steam boiler 20 ORO SA maximum allowable overpressure p = 13 bar .
ORO 20 SA is two flame tube boiler, two combined SAACKE burner to burn natural gas and fuel oil were installed . Boiler is delivered in accordance with the guidance TRD 604/72 and is equipped with economizer .
With the boiler we have delivered chimeny with diameter of 900 mm and a height of 30 meters. Cimney was designed and produced by TPK OROMETAL
Delivery also included thermical and chemical water treatment, steam manifold, pressure condensate tank, chemical treatment of water Q = 5 m³ / h . The reconstruction of existing tank of fuel oil and heavy fuel oil circulation system . Delivered a complete measurement and control equipment designed system of visualization of the complete plant .
The peculiarity of this plant is a pressure condensate tank which is bringing energy losses to a minimum.
Although not directly related to the technical characteristics of the installation, there is an interesting fact that Investor has paid complete amount inn advance without any security bond which indicates the confidence that we have gained from the Investor.
With quality , validity and performance of the plant ,we have justifie the confidence.