Steam boilers

HEP d.d.,

Pogon EL-TO Zagreb

Heat exchangers ZW1,ZW2, and ZW5 (3 pieces)
Heat exchangers ZW1, ZW2 i ZW5 are water heaters in procces of heating of ZAGREB city. They are vertical with U tubes inside shell.
They are mounted on 4 holders. Designed according ASME sec. VIII div. 1 and TEMA R code. Complete design was also harmonized with Croatian technical standards.

Technical data:

design pressure shell side   7 bar
design pressure tube side   7 bar
design temperature shell side   150°C
design temperature tube side   100°C
media, shell side   steam
media, tube side   water
diameter   Ø 1300 mm
lenght   7060 mm
tube dimensions   Ø 25 x 2 mm
tube number   627 U tubes
heating surface   535 m²