In the past few years, our company, in unfavorable circumstances on the domestic and foreign markets, achieved significant results. We have achieved this thanks to the constant effort to go out to meet the different requirements of our customers basing our production on our own knowledge and experience and the introduction of a quality assurance system according to ISO 9001:2000 .

In the subsequent period, the goal of our company is to retain its position on the domestic and foreign markets and remain the company known for quality products and services, respecting deadlines and implementation of customer requirements to our mutual satisfaction.

To achieve our goal, it is necessary to:

  • constantly monitor, develop and improve business and corporative systems, technology and equipment in order to meet the requirements of customers with optimal costs;
  • constantly monitor and improve the quality of internal and external audits and taking timely corrective action to remove inconsistencies and implement preventive actions;
  • continue training of all employees in order to develop awareness that quality is the best investment, because research shows that quality ensures a greater market share than lower price;
  • create a company of trust and partnership with suppliers and customers with constant investment in these relations

To accomplish all this requirements, we have to make a step forward continuously and invest in the employees as they are the most important resource of our company.

In the execution of their daily tasks, employees are taking into account the rational management of energy and raw materials and are avoiding environmental pollution.

Employees treat each other with respect, developing a sense of belonging to the company.

Our motto is: