Company history

In 1957, we founded a workshop for the repair of motor vehicles and agricultural vehicles called MECHANICS Oroslavje. A few years later a small workshop for production of steam boilers and pressure tanks was opened, and the company changed its name to OROMETAL Oroslavje.

This period marks the beginning of continuous development and improvement of TPK OROMETAL, first through the construction of new and modern production facilities and later through continuous investment in employees and equipment in modern and contemporary manufacturers of boilers and other products with which you are familiar with.

As one of the few metal processing company which has survived a turbulent transitional period in the past ten years, we are proud to own the project - construction office, technology development services and a range of contemporary and original solutions and products.

In addition to the survival of TPK OROMETAL, market is very important and the ability to adapt to specific customer requirements whose satisfaction is the main guiding principle of all employees in TPK OROMETAL .

Production and warehousing facilities are located in Oroslavje, near Zagreb, the Croatian capital, where the majority of Croatian industry is located. Existing rail and road connections allow easy access to major European transport corridors through the ports of Koper and the EU Corridor No. 5  Pyrn highway).

Today TPK OROMETAL employs 120 people at more than 3200 m² of covered production halls and a series of modern machinery, technologically adapted our production program. The entire business process is focused on customer satisfaction and quality assurance certified by TUV and ISO 9001, and complete production is certified by Conformity assessment bodies.

Our turnover is made of equal portion of sales in the domestic and foreign markets. We export to Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia  Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.