About us

I am especially pleased to present our company through the next few pages.

Founded in 1957 our company, through all this years, was gaining valuable experience in the manufacturing of boilers, pressure tanks and heat exchangers. Also, we constantly invested in the development of production in order to provide our customers with the high quality products.

Turned to the future, continuous development and implementation of high-technology advantages, we managed to develop modern products with high quality, appearance, design and functionality. Our products give our Clients durability, reliability and safety above their expectation. Our support and servicing through live time of product is outstanding.

Steam boiler plants are our primary production program. Equipped according to European standards and regulations meeting the strictest criteria, we provide users with primarily reliability and safety in operation. Not to mention negligible and ease of handling enabled by modern technical solutions such as a personal computer or mobile phone.

In addition to the boiler plants, we are producing a wide variety of different pressure and nonpressure tanks, vessels, heat exchangers and other products, thereby fulfilling all the technical and technological requirements of customers.

As the foundation of our success, I would like to point out our focus to make the products that will satisfy the customer's needs. Tailor made products are our specialty. We're not asking you to adjust to our products, we will adjust them for you .

To prove this I invite you to meet TPK OROMETAL, I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

Dragutin Družinec BSc .